At Real Property Management Express, our proven experience and industry leadership have given us the edge in developing top-tier property management professionals. As the one of the largest residential management corporations in the United States and Canada, we have the training and support to take you from a job to a career.

Company Mission: We strive to improve lives and our communities by continuously elevating property management standards by building order and freedom through exceptional asset management.

Maintenance Coordinator’s Mission: To please tenants and property owners by conducting timely, quality, and cost effective repairs while generating revenue for the company.


  • 4 years experience in a home repair field
  • Proficient skills in Microsoft Office, Google Apps (sheets, maps, drive)
  • Knowledge of the Internet and email


  • Home Improvement knowledge–doesn’t need to know how to build a house, but should have solid knowledge of home improvement, plumbing, HVAC, and maintenance.
  • Practically and mechanically minded–can troubleshoot problems over the phone
  • Technology proficient–can learn new software easily and intuitively. Can find new ways to use existing technology to accomplish daily tasks. Ipad, excel, Google maps, and others
  • Common sense problem solver
  • Negotiation skills–is able to find win/win solutions for tenants and owners.
  • Fights up front–doesn’t shy away from conflict but meets it head on without letting ego get in the way of finding a solution.
  • A heart for service

The Maintenance Coordinator may have the most challenging and interesting position in our office having to balance the desires of the tenant, owner, vendor, and company to find winning solutions for all. In addition to paying attention to detail and having technical knowledge, the Maintenance Coordinator must be personable and patient to help emotional people work through things like mold, flood, fire, death,and even an occasional gun shot. Estimates, job approvals, and actions taken must be documented with an eye to detail in order to limit liability and litigation.