Derek Kattenberg
Owner • Business Development Manager

The Grind:

I am an Owner Partner and Business Developer at Real Property Management Express. As an Owner I share the responsibility of making sure the business runs efficiently and our employees are taken care of. Employees that have an enjoyable work environment in turn offer an enjoyable experience to our clients. As Business Developer I work hand in hand with our outside sales and marketing divisions to bring on new clients and retain existing clients. I enjoy the sales process and the opportunity to help property owners and investors make smart decisions and grow their portfolios. It’s important to me when taking on a new client that we are a good fit and are working towards similar goals. I look at our clients at partners and believe everyone gets farther when they are in alignment with their partners.

The best part about my job is seeing the light in people’s eyes when something that didn’t make sense before starts to click. It’s exciting to help someone that was stuck with a couple properties, doing everything themselves and sick of it start enjoying the property ownership and start building their portfolio again.

Personal Delight:

My typical hobbies include snowmobiles, motorcycles, hot rods, fixing and building things, spending time with friends, fishing and volunteering as a firefighter on our local fire department. Anyone that knows me knows I can’t sit still. My current hot rod project is a 1972 Chevy C10 that I am putting on a 1999 Silverado frame essentially converting the old truck to a fuel injected, four wheel drive rig that you can drive anywhere. Long term it will also have a boosted 5.3 with a goal of 500hp.

My wife and I recently started foster care and have four fantastic children in our care. That has been an interesting process with it’s own challenges and rewards. We feel so blessed to be able to spend our time and energy to help these children. Watching them grow and learn to trust again is a fantastic thing.

I look forward to serving you and yours long into the future.

1800 S. Alpine Ave.
Phone: ext 102