Kristin Wood
Property Manager

The Grind:

I am the property manager at Real Property Management and I primarily work at the new Graystone Heights Apartments. My job includes all aspects of leasing such as showings, processing applications and leases, communications, and customer service. I spend a lot of my time promoting these beautiful new apartments and getting to know the people that decide to live here.

My favorite part about working at Real Property management is the interactions I have with the customers as well as the tenants. It’s so interesting learning about where people come from and their backstory about why they chose to live at Graystone Heights. Everyone has been a joy to work with and I really adore all the people here.

I would like prospective tenants and owners to know that I will work very hard for you to help you in any way I can. From on call questions and issues, to decorating the shared community rooms for open houses, I love to
go above and beyond for everyone I can.

Personal Delight:

I love to spend time with my family, traveling, hiking and biking together. Family is the most important aspect to my life and getting outdoors to do stuff together is amazing. I also like to BBQ on nice days, scrapbook and go shopping with my daughters.

5140 S. Graystone Ave.
Phone: (605) 782-9500
Fax: (605) 361-2287