Mark Spader
General Manager

The Grind:

As the General Manager at Real Property Management, I lead the recruitment and the development of team members, manage the day to day operations, improve customer relations, and oversee large projects. The most recent project I am currently overseeing is the development of our new Graystone Heights Apartments. I really enjoy getting to work closely on this endeavor, seeing it grow from the ground up.

My favorite part of working for Real Property Management is getting to work closely with the entire staff. Overseeing all aspects of the company, allows me to help and work directly with each employee at Real Property Management.
Customer service is also very important to me, and I enjoy helping to bring our level of customer service to places no one ever thought a property management company could go. The daily interactions I get to have with both owners and tenants are always fun.

My personality is very outgoing and I tend to make friends everywhere I go. I work hard to maintain personal connections with both tenants and owners and I try to make even the hardest situations bearable. I don’t like to be around downers and negative people, so I make sure to hire only the most friendly and personable employees that I can.

Personal Delight:

Outside of work, I have too many expensive hobbies so I try to stick to my favorite outdoor activities. Hunting, shooting, and golfing are all very fun for me. Growing up in South Dakota, I spent many of my childhood days devoting time to all three of these pursuits. I like anything outside because I can’t stand sitting around all day and when I hang out with my nephew, I love teaching him about the joys of pyrotechnics.

1800 S. Alpine Ave.
Phone: (605) 274-7373 ext 107
Fax: (605) 275-7664