Mona Wiley
Leasing Specialist

The Grind:

My job at Real Property Management involves processing applications and preparing leases. I help perspective tenants with the application process and answer questions about all parts of leases. I am also in charge of move outs at the end of leases and assist owners with any questions or issues.

My favorite part of working at Real Property Management is pushing paperwork. Processing applications, move outs and leases takes a lot of different steps and paperwork. I love getting through it all and approving perspective tenants. When we find the perfect fit for someone it makes all the work worthwhile.

I work hard for owners to make sure their tenants are complying with the lease and property rules. I take the time to step people through our process and make sure they understand the lease completely before they sign it. My main priority is our customers and I strive to make them feel secure and comfortable when working with our company.

Personal Delight:

Outside of work I really enjoy spending time outside. I like working on my yard, mowing the grass, planting flowers in my garden and grilling. I also enjoy spending time with my family and especially my husband!

1800 S. Alpine Ave.
Phone: (605) 274-7373 ext 105
Fax: (605) 275-7664