At Real Property Management Express, our proven experience and industry leadership have given us the edge in developing top-tier property management professionals. As the one of the largest residential management corporations in the United States and Canada, we have the training and support to take you from a job to a career.

Company Mission: We strive to improve lives and our communities by continuously elevating property management standards by building order and freedom through exceptional asset management.

A key component of profitable investing is analyzing the investment before purchase, monitoring that investment after purchase to improve performance, and to determine when to sell.

The Accountant/Analyst will take advantage of an opportunity in the individual rental market. Small real estate investors don’t have the tools or skills to properly evaluate rentals to purchase or to calculate their return on investment each year. Some think they are losing money when they are not. They are looking to sell an asset they don’t understand. Others are buying property that will not give them the return they think it will. We have developed the tools to help current and aspiring investors understand the true ROI of real estate. The Accountant/Analyst will work with our sales team get clients into property with a good ROI Potential and help our asset management staff maximize our current clients’ ROI. He or she will further develop our toolset to take advantage of the latest that technology has to offer.

The second area of focus will be of operating our business in an efficient and profitable manner. Analyzing production costs, revenues, lost opportunities costs, in order to optimize the company’s ROI.

Accountant/Analyst’s Mission: To support sales and management staff with accurate and insightful accounting.


  • 4 years experience in an accounting related field. However, intelligence, curiosity, and creativity is more valuable than rote accounting experience.
  • Excellent skills in Microsoft Excel and Google sheets
  • Solid knowledge of balance sheets, profit and loss, assets, liabilities, income, and expense.


  • Intuitive understanding of numbers–can sense when something is off or doesn’t seem right and investigates to find out why.
  • Technology proficient–can learn new software easily and intuitively. Can find new ways to use existing technology to accomplish daily tasks.
  • Timeliness with a sense of urgency
  • A heart for service
  • Works independently, but is integral to the success of the team
  • Creative: Comes up with new ways to solve problems.

The Accountant/Analyst is a numbers and spreadsheet ninja. He or she uses data to tell the story of the investment and company enabling investors and managers to take appropriate action to drive profitability and ROI.