Andrew Adam
Leasing Agent

The Grind:

As a leasing agent at Real Property Management, I meet potential tenants at our properties, show them around, answer questions about homes and help explain the application process. I also take pictures and videos of new places for rent and market them online. I am the first person you will meet at Real Property Management and I enjoy representing the company to perspective tenants.

My favorite part of my job is meeting real people and helping them find the right place for the next chapter in their life. I love being able to showcase to perspective tenants the wonderful properties we represent and the look on their faces when they see the home they want to apply for.

I am passionate about real estate and I love looking at properties for rent and for sale. Every property is unique and I am always excited when I am able to go inside and look around.  The whole process of property management is exciting for me, from showings to processing leases and I enjoy talking with people about rental homes.

Personal Delight:

Outside of work, my wife and I love going to different zoos around the United States. I used to be a Zoo Keeper, so animals are a passion of mine. There are over 300 zoos in the US so it will be awhile until my wife and I can visit all of them. We care deeply about animals and wildlife conservation, so we started a city wide enthusiast group focused on reptiles and amphibians. About 30-50 people meet once a month to discuss these animals and share our ideas for conservation.

In my free time I like to play board games, read, and take walks, exploring the beauty of Sioux Falls and the fantastic real estate that is developing here.

1800 S. Alpine Ave. ext 103
Phone: ext 103
Fax: (605) 275- 7664