Austin Krause

The Grind:

My role at RPM Express as the Controller is to focus on the operations of the business, analyzing production costs, revenues, and lost opportunity costs in order to optimize RPM’s true potential. My second role is to further the development of the Wealth Optimizer tool for current and future investors. I work closely with management and the sales team to get aspiring investors to understand the true return of investment of their real estate.

I am, and always have been, a numbers person. For 5 years I worked in public accounting so analyzing numbers and digging into the details is a passion of mine. I am a data-driven and detail-oriented person who enjoys letting the numbers speak for themselves. I am looking forward to perfecting the Wealth Optimizer tool and to show investors the financial possibilities of their properties.

Personal Delight:

My hobbies outside of work include golfing, cooking and gardening along with spending time with my wife, son, and dog. Spending time outdoors is always on the top of our list, but it’s hard to pass up an opportunity to binge watch a good series on Netflix. Prior to our son, my wife and I enjoyed traveling and exploring new places, particularly in Europe. Our goal is to continue expanding our travel footprint and let our son experience different cultures.

1800 S. Alpine Ave.
Phone: (605) 274-7373 ext 116
Fax: (605) 275-7664