Christina Moody

The Grind:

I am in charge of accounting at Real Property Management. My duties include collecting rent, paying owners and paying bills for both the company and the owners. I also process security deposits, balance the accounts and anything else money related. I am a numbers wiz and enjoy working with owners/tenants on balancing funds.

My favorite part of the job is the people I get to work with, both inside the office and out. Everyone here is great at their jobs and makes my life easier with the organizational aspect of accounting. Everyone is also super friendly and welcoming when it comes to the atmosphere in the office. Tenants and owners are fun to get to know and I love being able to help them with their financial situations.

Personal Delight:

When I am not working at Real Property Management I enjoy boating, shooting, and 4-wheeling. Another big passion of mine is the BRONCOS. I love watching their games and cheering them on. I will be starting my
master’s degree in January and I am excited for that process to begin.

1800 S. Alpine Ave.
Phone: (605) 274-7373 ext 106
Fax: (605) 275-7664