Justin Moser
Maintenance Manager

The Grind:

I am the maintenance manager at Graystone Heights Apartments. My job includes fixing issues for the tenants in the building, as well as maintaining the community areas of the property.  You can often find me helping out around the building with anything that might require an extra set of hands.

My favorite part of the job is visiting with the residents and getting to know everyone in the building. I love being helpful for anyone, from changing flat tires to delivering flowers. I am very easy to get along with and I really enjoy my work and fixing maintenance issues.

Personal Delight:

Outside of work, I love to BBQ different foods. I enjoy showing off my BBQ skills by catering weddings and different types of parties all over Sioux Falls. Live music and concerts are also events I love to attend and spending time with friends and family makes my day.

5140 S. Graystone Ave.
Phone: (605) 782-9500
Email: graystone@expressrpm.com
Fax: (605) 361-2287