Lily Janson
Customer Service Specialist

The Grind:

My role at Real Property Management is customer care. I am the first face you see when you walk into our office and the voice you hear when you call us. I take care of customer questions and concerns and work with the office on getting you to the person you need to talk to. I answer emails that come to our support system and schedule showings for prospective tenants. I also work on marketing descriptions, website blogs, and media outreach.

My favorite part of working at Real Property Management is the team I work with and solving questions and issues that arise with tenants. Nothing is better than seeing a tenant happy with our service and hearing about positive feedback on our properties.  All the staff at Real Property Management are amazing individuals and are a fun group to work with.

I work hard to keep customers and owners happy and I try to make every experience with Real Property Management a positive one.  I care a lot about our company’s reputation with the community and strive to keep it consistent and enjoyable.

Personal Delight:

I was trained as a ballet dancer, so outside of work I enjoy taking dance classes and seeing performances. In my free time I enjoy reading, painting, camping, outdoors, and watching Netflix. I love playing with my cat Rajah and attending live concerts.

1800 S. Alpine Ave.
Phone: (605) 274-7373 ext 109
Fax: (605) 275-7664