Lindsey VanderWeide
Property Manager, Graystone Heights

The Grind:

Born in Rock Valley, Iowa, I attended PennFoster. I have worked numerous bartending and restaurant jobs. I started at Bracco’s when I was fifteen, working every position there over the course of five years until I became the dining room manager. I have bartended at Icon Lounge downtown, at the Mainstreet Bar in Humboldt, and I have held several management roles in the restaurant industry. My favorite part of the restaurant industry is getting to meet people and provide excellent customer service.

My favorite part of working with Real Property Management is the awesome sense of humor (laughter is my favorite thing) and the general willingness to help or teach without hesitation.

Personal Delight:

I love to cook, camp, fish, garden, take road trips, go to concerts, and shoot down at the gun range.

My favorite color is lime green, and a fun fact that nobody knows about me is that I like to do car pool karaoke by myself when I’m driving. But now this is posted online for the world to see.

1800 S. Alpine Ave.
Phone: (605) 274-7373 ext 110
Fax: (605) 275-7664