Advertising Vacancies

By Josh Kattenberg

Every rental property owner wants quality tenants to lease their property. One way to have the best chance of renting the property to a good tenant is to advertise aggressively. If you only have one or two people look at your vacant property, you will not have much to choose from. However, if you advertise, you will bring in more people to look at the property which will then increase your chances of finding a qualified tenant. Advertising decreases vacancy time and often pays for itself just in the savings of having the property rented sooner.

When setting up your advertising campaign, some things to remember:
1) A picture is worth a thousand words. Provide enough pictures for tenants to get a good feel for the property before they see it in person.
2) Write an effective description. Point out the good points, but don’t inflate the property. You will just waste your time showing the property to tenants who are disappointed because the property does not do justice to the description.
3) Be mindful of fair housing requirements for advertisements. Do not include discriminatory statements in the ad. A good rule of thumb is to focus on the physical and objective aspects of the property. Be inclusive, not exclusive in your language.
4) Property Management companies can often advertise property more effectively and for less money than an individual property owner because of their experience, software, and volume discounts with advertisers. Sometimes the value a property manager’s advertising brings to your property can easily justify their fees. – See more at: