Avoiding Tenant Turnover

Tenant turnover is an automatic cash flow killer. All of the administrative and advertising costs and the maintenance work to get the unit rent-ready, not to mention the lack of rent checks during vacancies, take a huge hit to your profit margins. Experienced rental property management in Sioux Falls has some tips to help you keep a full house.


Always Screen Applicants

The tenant you choose to move into your rental home can be a large factor of your renter experience. After all renting means dealing with people. A property management company in Sioux Falls will always have a thorough screening process with any potential tenant over the age of 18. This can help give a better picture of who the person is who wants to rent your home. Background checks, rental histories, credit checks can all give important information into the character of an individual.


Listen to your Tenants

Life always has bumps in the road. Appliances break, weather related damage or flood can occur. If a tenant has a need or concern, respond as quickly as possible. Fast proactive maintenance can help prevent future problems and sends a message to your tenant that their rental property management in Sioux Falls cares about both property and tenant.


Keep a Good Relationship

Rental property management in Sioux Falls is easy to get a hold of. Tenants feel a security knowing that if there is an emergency they can contact management quickly. Regularly scheduled inspections can be set up with tenants at the time of lease signing. This can help with maintenance follow up and tenant communication.
The goal is have an environment that is safe, maintained, with communication open, honest, and regular. When tenants have an enjoyable renting experience and feel at home, they will want to stay as long as they can. The bottom line is the longer your rental is filled, then that means the rent checks are also still coming in thanks to your wise rental management in Sioux Falls.