Learning the Joy of Baking

By Derek Kattenberg

Eve1-11-12 461ryone loves the smell of fresh baked cookies and bread. When I think back of my early memories of baking it was my mom in the kitchen making fresh bread and cookies. Once she had the dough made we were allowed to sample the dough and even lick off the beaters.

Around Christmas mom always made this one cookie called St Nicks. To make the cookies you would mix the batter and then roll the entire works and stick it in the fridge. Once it cooled you could take a knife and cut of even ½ inch slabs and lay them on a cookie sheet to bake. The most common problem with four kids in the house was before mom could get more than a batch baked the rest of the cookie dough would disappear. At one point it was so bad that mom wouldn’t even bother to turn on the oven because she knew there would be nothing to bake anyway.

My wife Laura has babysat Josh’s kids and has done some baking with them. Carrying on the tradition once the batter is mixed they get to lick the beaters. She doesn’t let them eat all the dough so when I get home I get to enjoy the fresh smells and tastes of what they made.

I have a friend that works in a high stress position. She said if they know they have a customer coming in with a major problem they have a little portable oven and will quickly bake a batch of cookies. When the client walks in the tension is automatically eased from the smell of fresh baked cookies.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all our problems could be handled by simply making a batch of cookies? Maybe all this world needs for a little more peace is a few more people baking fresh cookies.