Maintenance: Bump Keys and Dead Bolt Security

By Josh Kattenberg

Lock bumping is a simple method for defeating a door lock to gain entry to a property.   Various lock companies make security locks that make is harder for thieves to pick the lock using this simple technique. The security locks are more expensive ($50 vs. $15), but some brands also allow the lock owner to change keys without calling a locksmith or replacing the lock. Because locks need to be changed after a tenant moves out, the higher cost of the security locks can be offset by the added feature of being able to simply rekey the lock without buying a new one.

Another simple measure to help secure a property is to replace the short 1” screws with 3” screws through the deadbolt strike plate. The long screws attach the dead bolt strike plate to the home framing material. Kicking in a door is now much more difficult.
If the property owner does take these simple steps to secure the home, the tenant might want to request the work be done and even pay for it themselves. These two items are inexpensive for the security they can provide.     – See more at: