New To Neighbors:  What to Expect When Noise and Close Quarters Mix


Neighbors make noise, apartments and properties in Sioux Falls are no exception. It is something that can’t be avoided when sharing walls or lawns with fellow tenants. Whether they are upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, next door or in the hallways, at some point while living in your building or house, you will hear them.

A certain amount of noise will be expected such as when neighbors wake up to go to work. You may hear them burning breakfast, clomping around in shoes as they get ready, listening to rap music to wake up, or starting their cars to warm them up for half an hour before they leave. Hearing animal’s start their day making a racket for breakfast or their first romp outside, is also another common noise. While these may annoy you because you don’t have the same rising time at an ungodly hour of the day, this is all noise that can be expected while living at a property in Sioux Falls.

You may also have a neighbor who likes to have loud friends over, practice music badly, or vacuum the same rug excessively, every day, at the same time. While these sounds might annoy you, as long as they are in the boundaries outside of “quiet hours,” each tenant has a right to live their life normally.
While people’s activities, schedules and animals may be different then your own, you do have to deal with the differences while living in an apartment building community or home. However, there is a point where “normal noise” moves to disruptive noise.

If you are finding your neighbors to be loud past 10pm or earlier then 6am, throwing wild parties that you can hear into the night, or owning crazy animals that bark or moo 24/7, this is when the noise should be addressed. The first step to help this problem is talking to your neighbors directly. Often, when someone can put a face to a neighbor, they will be more considerate. If that doesn’t work, talking to the property management company can often resolve the issue. Be considerate, and understand that Sioux Falls community living is not going to be as quiet as a cabin in the woods or a farm, though it might be livelier.