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Our “Why”

Building order and freedom through exceptional asset management in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Some of you may be familiar with Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why.  Sinek’s premise is that great leaders don’t start movements by telling people what to do, they start movements by telling people what they believe. Great leaders inspire us. He says, “We follow those who lead not for them, but for ourselves.” We are attracted to the leaders who believe what we believe, not because they have a 12-step plan for success. Most people know what they do and they usually know how to do it, but few understand why.

I read the book back in 2012 and have struggled with it ever since. What is my purpose? What do I believe? Why does it matter? One of the points Sinek makes is that you don’t create a purpose…you discover it. Each of us has a purpose. We all believe something. There is something deep inside driving us to do what we do.

For several years I struggled to write down my personal purpose and the purpose of our business, Real Property Management Express. Each time it didn’t ring true. I always felt there was something contrived, something that sounded like a Hallmark greeting card. My attempts were too much an effort to create a purpose, rather than to discover my purpose.

However, in the past several months I think I finally have the purpose of our business narrowed down to seven words.

“Building order & freedom through exceptional asset management.”

So much of our world seems to be in chaos–the Middle East, our politics, our weather. At times, we even feel that our families, our finances, our lives, and our rental properties are in chaos. Building order speaks of health, prosperity, and harmony. Our company might not be able to fix the Middle East, but we can bring order to our clients’ properties in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Keeping the finances accurate, the properties maintained and rented, and removing unruly residents all work to make our small sphere of influence more orderly.

Order brings freedom. Freedom for our clients comes in the form of freedom from worry over vacancies or bad tenants and financial freedom produced by profitable investments. For our residents it is freedom from the pressures of home ownership, unscrupulous landlords, or criminal neighbors. Freedom extends to our staff. We want to see them free from a negative workplace, free to produce and serve others, and free from their own financial worries.

Exceptional means something that is an exception to the rule. Our vision is to upend the status quo in the property management industry in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We want to see great improvement and even a rethinking of how the industry fills vacancies, responds to maintenance requests, receives rent payments, and handles customer inquiries. I find it interesting that when a movie needs a quick villain, they throw in an evil landlord. We want to turn that stereotype on its head. We want to be known for quality and service so that when prospective residents see our sign in front of your property, they immediately know they will have an exceptional renting experience.

I chose “asset” instead of “property” management because we do so much more than take care of property. You have heard that “People are our greatest asset” and so it is. Residents, who of course are people, pay the rent and thereby your mortgage, taxes, insurance and ultimately your retirement. They pay our salaries too. Without the resident, the property means nothing. Our staff are equally important. Without our people operating our software and systems, our business grinds to a halt. While “assets” may sound like a cold word, it includes the people, the property, and the systems that make the investment profitable. All of these assets need management and care. Property, people, and systems break down without a careful hand nurturing and caring for them.  

Building order and freedom through exceptional asset management is what we believe in and aspire too. The property owners who do business with Real Property Management Express do so because of what it says about themselves. People don’t buy WHAT we do, they buy WHY we do it. Contact Real Property Management Express today to find out more about our WHY!

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