Real Estate Investor Round Table

By Josh Kattenberg

Round Table pictureDo you every worry about not knowing what you don’t know? We do. If we don’t know something, at least we know we don’t know and we can go looking for an answer. However, if we don’t even have a question, how do we look for the answer? Knowing the right questions is an essential prerequisite for finding answers.

Let us introduce you to the Sioux Falls Real Estate Investor Round Table. Do you have a question, or do you wonder what questions you should be asking about real estate investment? Well, come and ask and learn from others. Real Property Management has partnered with First Premier Bank, KMWF Accountants, Family Insurance, Woods, Fuller, Shultz & Smith P.C, and HJN Real Estate to help raise the questions many people have, or should have about current or future real estate investment.

The Format: A 1 hour session of gleaning from the experience of Sioux Falls industry leaders on the topics of financing real estate transactions, avoiding legal entanglements, tax benefits, market trends, and more. We start with a 10 minute topic that one of our professionals prepares on their industry designed to get you thinking about the questions you should be asking. Then we open the floor for your questions on this topic or any other related topic.

The Participants: Range from experienced investors with multiple properties to beginners who are just looking at their first real estate transaction. If you are thinking about investing in real estate or are a seasoned investor, please join us. We can learn from each other.

Topics: For example, during the last round table Ryan Spellerburg from First Premier Bank presented on the changes in the mortgage industry affecting multiple property purchases. One major change we learned was that in order to qualify for a mortgage, the owner must have a 6 month reserve for every property they own or intend to buy—including their primary residence. During the question and discussion time participants discussed how to use a self-directed IRA to fund real estate transactions. Not only is this possible, someone at the round table discussion knew something about it!