Sioux Falls Pet Ordinances

By Josh Kattenberg

puppiesPets are common in rental properties. Both landlords and tenants should be up-to-date on city ordinances controlling pet ownership and management. The following list of pet ordinances for Sioux Falls is not exhaustive, but it does cover the main questions pet owners and landlords are likely to have.


Sioux Falls ordinances require that pets are kept on a leash at any time the pet is off its owner’s property. The only exception would be on officially designated off-leash city property.

Dogs and cats in heat must be kept in a secure enclosure, preventing their exposure to any free-roaming males. Controlled, intentional breeding is allowed.


If your dog bites a person or another animal, Sioux Falls pet ordinances require you to notify the police or an animal control officer immediately. You are not allowed to leave the scene until the responding officer has authorized you to do so. You are required to give your contact information to the victim, and to assist the victim as needed, also.


A Sioux Falls pet ordinance requires you to control your dog’s barking at all times, both day and night. The police have the power to impound your dog if it is barking incessantly and you can’t be reached.


Sioux Falls pet ordinances require you to clean up after your pet. Anytime your dog, cat, or other pet defecates on property not your own, you must pick up after it.


Sioux Falls pet ordinances limit the number of pets per pet owner to four. This rule doesn’t apply to kennels and pet stores, of course. Another exception is pets under six months. If, for example, your dog has a litter of eight puppies, this is allowed as long as the puppies have found new homes by the time they are six months old.


You must register your dog or cat with the city of Sioux Falls. As part of the process, you pay a fee and also prove your pet is up-to-date on its rabies vaccines. All dogs and cats 6 months and older must be registered within 30 days of acquisition. The license tag must always be attached to your pet. You must inform animal control officials if you sell your pet, or if it gets lost or dies. The license does expire and needs to be renewed periodically.

Sioux Falls, SD, Code of Ordinances

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  1. Krystal
    Krystal says:

    I think that the pet limit should be at least 5 or more. As long as you can take care of the dogs, cats, or other pets. The big worry to me is all the dogs in the small kennels at the animal shelter and being too full to carry the dogs, then having to put them down.
    This is just my opinion.

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