Stranger Danger: Safety Tips for Sioux Falls Property Managers & Landlords

Property management companies in Sioux Falls discuss landlord safety

Property management companies in Sioux Falls agree that property managers should be able to expect that they will be safe when showing rental properties. Across the nation, there have been several instances where property managers did not exercise safe practices and ended up in compromising situations. To ensure the safety of all property managers in Sioux Falls, we are sharing the National Association of Realtor’s top 12 things to do to remain safe while showing homes.

12 Tips for Safer Showings

  1. First meetings should be held at your office, NOT at the property.
  2. Take a copy of an ID for the prospective tenant prior to showing, if they refuse—do not show the property. Before going to the showing, tell someone in the office where you are going, who you are with and your expected return time. If possible, invite a coworker to come with you on the home tour.
  3. Charge your phone before the showing and consider installing a personal safety app designed for real estate agents and property managers.
  4. Have a friend or family member call during the showing and use code words to designate your levels of comfort.
  5. Refrain from parking in spaces where you could be boxed in.
  6. Take a picture of the potential tenants car and/or license plate and send it a friend, family member or coworker.
  7. Allow time to scout out the area around the property before your client arrives.
  8. Know where all the exits are before showing a vacant home.
  9. Mention appointments scheduled later in the day to let the person know others are expecting you.
  10. Allow the person to guide themselves through the home as you wait by the door, or let them lead as you walk through the property together.
  11. Never allow the prospective tenant between you and the door—avoid basements, closets and attics where you could be trapped.
  12. Should uncomfortable feelings arise, excuse yourself to make a phone call or grab something from your vehicle.

Safety First

The tenant screening process often involves the showing of the home as one of the first steps. Remember to be confident during showings and ensure your safety by following these safety guidelines. Our Sioux Falls property managers have the knowledge and background needed to ensure the tenant screening process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us for all of your property management needs!