6 Ideas For Apartment Hosted Thanksgivings

Hosting Thanksgiving in an apartment can be a challenge, especially when space for entertaining is limited and lots of people are invited. While some rental apartments in Sioux Falls, SD can be very spacious, here are 6 ideas for hosting Thanksgiving in an apartment.

1) Be Efficient with Space

Relocate your furniture to fit a long table in your living room. A room can feel small when you have a couch, coffee table, television, and lamps cluttered in the living room space. Once you move these items, you will have plenty of space to fit a table to entertain and get creative with.

2) Use Coolers for Drinks

Leave room in the fridge for the food and put all of your fancy drinks in coolers. It’s way harder to fit awkwardly shaped food into coolers then drinks. Drinks can clutter up a refrigerator faster than anything, so save the room!

3) Use Crockpots and Hot Plates

Ovens  and stoves can overheat a small space in no time, especially when you have a larger crowd in a tight space. Using crock pots and hot plates will keep your food warm, while not cooking the guests. These will save you costs on your energy bill as well!

4) Use Mood Lighting

Thanksgiving should be cozy and nothing is more obnoxious than fluorescent lighting. Save your money on the bright lights and use some alternative lighting to get everyone in the spirit. Hanging lights are great for freeing up space instead of using bulky lamps.

5) Use Disposable Tableware

Nothing is more annoying then a huge stack of dishes after you have eaten a lot. Ditch the fancy china and get some disposable festive tableware to brighten up the table. When everyone is done, all you have to do is throw it out!

6) Have Everyone Pitch In

Nothing can be harder than trying to cook a massive amount of food in a small space with one oven. Have your guests pitch in and bring side dishes that you all can share and enjoy.

Hosting Thanksgiving should be a fun experience. Being able to accomplish this in an apartment, will be a memorable feat in its’ own. Remember these tips and you should be able to pull it off without a hitch. Most importantly, have fun!