Water Damage Restoration

By Josh Kattenberg

Trash 3In a matter of moments, carpeting, wood floors, baseboard, walls and ceiling, and personal property can be flooded with water. Who knew water damage could cause so much damage so fast? Here are just a few tips to help if you have water damage, whether it is a sewer back up, broken pipe, failed sump pump, or rain water through a window.

First, you should find the cause of the water damage and get the water stopped if possible.  Next, protect your house-hold items. You need to get your belonging out and away from the water and the humidity, do not let items stand in any kind of water if you can help it.

Take pictures of the damaged area and any damage to house hold items; there is no such thing as too many pictures.

Once the water has been stopped, and your personal belongings protected, it is best to call a restoration company that is trained in cleaning and restoring homes and businesses back to pre water damage conditions. A good restoration company will not only bring equipment to your home or business , but they will check on the progress of the drying and make sure that it is dry at the end of the project. On average, water damage will take 3 to 4 days to dry. Often, the company will come back every day to check on the drying process to make sure that all of the equipment is running and drying efficiently. Also, if any equipment needs to be moved around, the technician will take care of that at each visit.

If you as a home owner or business owner decide that you are going to get your insurance company involved, do not wait for the adjuster to come visit to start the clean-up. Especially during weather caused water damage, the adjuster can be overwhelmed with calls.  Get started cleaning up even before they come to your home or business. If you need to do any kind of repairs, such as fix a pipe or get a new water heater, you should always keep the part until the adjuster has a chance to see the item before it has been disposed of.

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  1. Pam Lassila
    Pam Lassila says:

    It is very important that when you have water damage that you find the source of the water and fix the problem! You could restore and clean everything up and then have it happen all over again. That would be such a nightmare. I’m glad we have cool technology to help restore things that were water damaged.

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