When you own rental property it all comes down to rent. You need paid and you need paid on time. Easy, right? You get the check on the first. It clears. Voilà!

It doesn’t take long to learn it’s not that simple. Even well screened tenants can hit a difficult patch and one day you find yourself in the collections business or even facing an eviction. Take it from the property management leader, there’s a better way. Here are the seven steps Real Property Management takes to keep that rent coming in.

  1. First, the process starts back at the beginning with rigorous tenant qualification and screaming.
  2. Then, we set expectations with tenants early, communicating our firm but fair rent policies up front.
  3. We offer tenant incentives for paying rent on time through the Real Property Management Resident Club which saves tenants hundreds of dollars a month on things they buy every day.
  4. Then we rely on our technology driven platform that allows tenants to pay online. Then the funds are electronically deposited into the owner’s account via ACH.
  5. If rent isn’t paid on time, it triggers are automated collection process so not a moment is wasted. Our respectful yet tough team act like clockwork to enforce the lease and avoid delays.
  6. We stay up to date on the current laws and regulations so we can act as quickly as the law allows and minimize rent-free days if an eviction becomes necessary.
  7. Finally we keep the process professional, not personal. When you have set expectations with tenants early, clearly, and respectfully the outcome is in their hands.

With over 25 years of experience, Real Property Management can help you keep the rent coming in on time. Put our experienced team and proven process to work for you.

We understand property management and property investments. With over thirty years’ experience in property management and more than 300 offices in the United States and Canada, we have become the largest property management franchise in North America.