Build Wealth


Other people have rentals.
You have investments.

Managing a rental property is a game of tenants and toilets.
Investing is about ease and profit through exceptional asset management.

Wealth Optimizer is a tool we will use to perform a deep financial analysis of your assets. We will forecast future returns, and anticipate possible expenses to reduce unknowns. We will help you understand what you stand to gain, and how to increase the profitability of what you already have.

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Property Management

• Tenants and toilets

• Marketing vacancies

• Screening tenants

• Lease signing and rent collection

• Handling tenant issues

• Maintenance & repairs

• Move-in/move-out

• Evictions

• Accounting

• Disputes

Asset Management

• Objective: maximize short and long-term value of your property

• Maximize operating income which defines your future property valuation

• Track property value appreciation over time

• Plan for capital investments (e.g., roofing, hot water heaters)

• Incorporates tax advantages: depreciation, interest payments, other deductibles

• Minimize tenant turnover and unnecessary expenses

• Track equity growth

• A holistic view of managing properties to optimize your wealth



Achieve your goals by optimizing your investment property for short and long-term value.
Help us understand your goals.
We’ll use Wealth Optimizer to help you achieve them.

When you win, we win.
Wealth Optimizer helps us help you plan for the future and make your investment as profitable as it can be. When our incentives are aligned, we succeed together.


Better investment performance

Clear, understandable information

Improved revenue and expense management


A comprehensive analysis of your investment property revenue, expenses, equity, tax deductions, occupancy rate, balance sheet, and reserves.

Using our proprietary Wealth Optimizer tool, we produce a thorough and understandable report.

Meet with a Financial Freedom Counselor to review the analysis, set goals for one, five, and ten year periods. Learn how different assumptions impact performance.

Receive an updated report on a monthly basis, which includes cash flow, rent roll, occupancy rate, balance sheet, variance report, and reserve status.

During the 4th Quarter of each year, we will jointly update assumptions and you will receive a projected year-end report.

At the beginning of each new year, we meet in person to review a new comprehensive analysis and pro forma projection to establish goals for the coming year.



You know investment property is a smart buy. You want a manager who speaks the same language you do. We provide all the information you need to make informed decisions.


Forecast future expenses – such as roof or HVAC replacement – based on age and standard life spans to budget effectively and eliminate surprises.


Normalized, flat-rate pricing eliminates seasonal fees that disrupt your investment. We care as much about the success of your investment as you do.


Model different scenarios and assumptions to see how they affect your investment. Make informed decisions about your investments, and rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Let us help you find the financial future you’ve been dreaming of.

Work with a partner who understands your investment.

Schedule an appointment to meet with us today.

Rent Revenue

• Monthly Rent Revenue

• Garage Rents

• Pet Rents

• Vacancy Rate

• Annual Increase in Rent

• Other

Operating Expenses

• Insurance

• Utilities

• HOA Fees

• Maintenance (affected by age and other parameters)

• Property Management

• Interest Expenses

Taxes & Depreciation

• Effective Tax Rate (Federal, State & Local)

• Property Depreciation, Less Land Value

• Depreciation – Straight-Line vs MACRS

• Real Estate Professional Tax Advantage

Investment Capital

• Total Purchase Price

• Mortgaged Amount

• Cash Required to Purchase Property

• Initial CapEx


Executive Summary

Overview of the investment performance of your property

Property Cash Flow

Review of key revenue and expenses attributed to your property

Property Metrics & Ratio Analysis

Snapshot of key operational and financial metrics

Property Sale Price Estimate

Estimates based on both operating income and gross rent multiplier methods

Loan Summary

Multi-year view of projected principal, interest payments and yearly ending balance

Loan Amortization Schedule

Detailed report of current year mortgage payments and principal growth


The partner you’ve been looking for.

We understand property management and investment property. Real Property Management has more than thirty years’ experience in property management and more than 350 offices in the United States and Canada. We are the largest property management franchise in North America.

Our corporate Franchise Support providers oversight to local performance, compliance with high standards, on-going training, and access to proprietary systems and processes to deliver professional service. Local Real Property Management offices are knowledgeable of neighborhood and city real estate market conditions, practices, and regulations. Together, we provide clients the best property investment management services available. That’s why we are The Nation’s Local Property Manager.