Even when everything is done to prevent an eviction, circumstances can change and legal action can become necessary. If you aren’t already participating in our Eviction Protection Plan, now is the time to learn more. While smart property owners do all they can to avoid eviction with the careful and rigorous application process, too many of them learn the hard way that collections and eviction are inherently a part of doing business in this industry.

Put simply, evictions are often unexpected but they’re always expensive. Standard court fees are just the beginning.  A contested eviction could take months to resolve and requires additional legal actions that add to the cost. They can even get more costly if not handled in full compliance with local state and federal laws. Mistakes can cause expensive delays and stiff financial penalties.

Evictions also can take an emotional toll if not handled properly. Evictions must be approached from a legal perspective and not as a personal matter. Plus, threatening tenants and/or using unethical collection policies could lead to a lawsuit. It could also lead to further financial loss and damage to the home by an angry tenant.

To help our clients avoid the risk and financial strain that an eviction can have on their cash flow, we offer a comprehensive Eviction Protection Program. This program is available for any tenant that Real Property Management places. For a very low monthly fee per property Real Property Management will pay the filing, legal fees, and court costs in connection with an unlawful detainer action. While this program does not cover writ of possession or set-out costs if tenant’s belongings must be forcibly removed, it substantially reduces financial risk while increasing your peace of mind.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can make your rental property investment more stable and reliable with our Eviction Protection Program. As the property management leader with almost thirty years of experience, no one knows better how to protect property owners, so call today.

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