If there is a dispute with the Resident, how is it handled?

You may of heard the “Latte Method” at Starbucks. Even if you haven’t you may have experienced the Latte Method if you have ever complained about your cup of coffee to a Starbucks Barista. At Real Property Management Express, our staff is trained to use the LEASE method for resolving complaints. The LEASE Method stands for:

Listen for the caller’s hot topic (what is the real problem?)
Empathize, rephrasing what you have heard
Accept the office’s place in the issue and apologize for the problem
Seek approval on proposed actions to address the customer’s issue
Evaluate actions

The Resident is your customer. It is our job to provide customer service and a great experience to your customer. After all, the Resident is paying your mortgage. They deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. The customer is not always right, but they are still the customer.

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