Emergency repairs may be necessary when the repair relates to the health or safety of the Resident, the property, or the public. Emergency repairs may also be necessary to maintain the habitability of the property.

For example, after an ice storm a tree branch has fallen on the power-line to the house causing a threat to the safety of the Resident and the public as well as to the preservation of the property in case of a fire. Our first responsibility is to make the situation safe for all involved. Once we have a tree service and an electrician dispatched, then we can follow up with the owner to let you know what happened and what is being done.

Another example is the furnace going out during sub-zero weather. When small children or the elderly are living in the property, this is a true emergency. The most cost effective repair is to have an HVAC tech repair the furnace. However, sometimes we will need to install a temporary heat source such as space heaters to provide emergency heat while the repairs are being made.

We are always aware of the expense associated with an emergency repair. We try to keep the owner as informed as possible as the emergency progresses while providing a solution in order to fulfill the owner’s contractual obligation to maintain and safe and habitable property for the Resident. We understand the owner’s need to be informed, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we manage the problem.

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