Can you help me understand my owner statement? Your monthly statement is a cash statement. This means that all cash transactions made to or from your property account are recorded. This can be confusing sometimes. For example, your statement might show the Resident’s security deposit as “income” and then the security deposit being transferred to escrow as an “expense.” In both cases the security deposit is not income or an expense. The reason they might show up on the statement is because both entries were a cash transaction, meaning cash came into the property account and went out of the property account.

  • The top portion of the statement shows the details of all transactions for the property.
  • Ending Cash Balance shows the cash currently in your property account.
  • Bills Due show the bills that need to be paid.
  • Property Cash Summary show the “required reserves.” The reserves are the cash that is held in your property account to pay expenses before rent is collected each month.
  • Prepaid Rent for Future Rent is money the tenant paid before rent was due. Prepaid rent will show up in your Ending Cash Balance but it is not available to be used to pay bills because it has not yet been earned.
  • Please Remit Balance Due is the amount necessary to pay all bills and bring the Ending Cash Balance equal to the Required Reserves.

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