One of the benefits of hiring a professional property manager is that you get access through us to our lease and other legal documents. Each day we are learning, fine tuning, and improving our processes, lease, and legal documents. Our contracts are reviewed by the Woods, Fuller, Shultz, and Smith law firm, one of the largest and most respected firm in Sioux Falls and contain best practices gleaned from the Real Property Management family of 260 offices and 30 years of experience. Our lease is specifically designed to protect both the property owner and the tenant and to deal fairly with both parties. Our ability to deliver exceptional service time after time

Negotiable items on the lease were agreed by you when you signed the management agreement. These items include:

  • Price
  • Pets (If yes, type and number)
  • Smoking allowed
  • Utilities included
  • Appliances included
  • Term (start date and length)

All other terms are standard for all Real Property Management Express leases. Once in a while an owner will ask us to change some other term of the lease. We discourage this practice. While it may seem like a simple request, keeping track of and delivering consistent service become almost impossible when every lease is written differently. For example, one owner might want a 30 day notice to terminate the lease, another owner wants a 60 day notice, and a third wants a 90 day notice. In this situation it becomes very easy for us to miss a date because of the non-standard notice requirement. Keeping lease terms as uniform as possible helps us deliver great service to you and the Resident.
Once a lease is signed by the Resident and the security deposit is paid, we counter sign the lease as your agent.

We understand property management and property investments. With over thirty years’ experience in property management and more than 300 offices in the United States and Canada, we have become the largest property management franchise in North America.