Part of providing great service to your customers is setting the stage so your residents know up front what they can expect in the future. As part of our commitment to provide your customers with an amazing rental experience, we set the stage early and continue with ongoing communication and reminders.

The Resident Orientation Video is given to Residents after they sign their lease. You can watch that video below.

A Resident Handbook is included with the lease to help clarify in everyday language some of the questions and concerns Residents may have. In addition, short email reminders are sent out before and during the lease to remind, inform, and educate your residents on topics such as care of the property, payment of rent, property wellness checks, how to switch utilities, etc.

We understand property management and property investments. With over thirty years’ experience in property management and more than 300 offices in the United States and Canada, we have become the largest property management franchise in North America.