Lawn care and snow removal during vacancy is an often overlooked detail with some expensive consequences.

  • Curb Appeal—If the lawn is not trimmed or a prospective Resident has to trudge through snow drifts to reach the front door, their first impression of the property can sour them to renting it.
  • Safety—Snow that is not removed quickly turns to ice when walked on. Ice can result is slips and falls by prospective Residents and the general public which can turn into lawsuits.
  • City Code—the City of Sioux Falls has cracked down on snow and lawn code violations. The notices from the city are often too slow to prevent a fine. Current fines for lawn and snow violations are $100. In addition, the city will cut the lawn and shovel the snow and bill it to the owner. The city contractors can be double or triple the cost of privately contracting the work to be done. Any unpaid bills will attach as a lien to the property.

Unless told differently, we will figure on contracting the lawn and snow for you. We understand if you as the owner want to take care of lawn and snow during vacancy. Please communicate with us if you intend to take care of the lawn and snow yourself. You can see this is an important area that is easily overlooked, especially at a vacant property.

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