What if I want to add a pet or another occupant to the lease?

Your Lease Agreement is a legal, binding document. There are a few instances, however, in which it may be amended if all parties to the contract agree. Contact your Real Property Management Express office immediately if you want to make any changes to your lease. Examples include:

  • Changes or additions regarding residents
  • Changes regarding pets
  • A need to terminate your Lease Agreement early or extend your Lease Agreement

We understand that each situation is different. However, some changes may be governed by state or local laws, so please discuss your situation or concern with us so that we may best assist you.

Adding Residents

If you wish to add a resident to your lease, please contact our office to discuss the situation. We must approve any additional resident(s) on the lease as well as conduct background checks.

There is no exception to this policy. In addition to keeping the residents of Real Property Management Express safe, our company is bound by local and state regulations, as well as by federal Fair Housing Laws and mandates to maintain a safe, secure environment for our residents.

Adding Pets

Your lease will specify if you are or are not allowed to have pets. If you are allowed to have pets in the home, there may be some restrictions as to the type, breed, and size of animal. You must also follow any city or state ordinance pertaining to your pet. Any pets not specified in the Lease Agreement are not allowed on the property. Any future animals need to be approved in writing BEFORE they can reside at the property. If you are authorized to have a Service Animal, however, we will accommodate you in accordance with the law. Pets may require additional deposit and/or rent and proof of renters and or pet liability insurance. After move-out, you will be responsible if any fleas are discovered at the property. If you are concerned this may occur, we ask you contact a Pest Control company to have the property treated prior to the move-out assessment.

If there is anything that we can help with or if you have questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.