As a company, we are committed to the letter and spirit of the U.S. Policy for the Achievement of Equal Housing Opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support a program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, or National Origin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Required to Apply to Rent?

– Each adult (18 years and older) applicant must apply, and each must pay a $59 application fee. Valid ID required.
– You will need to submit proof of income (most recent pay stubs) showing all adults’ combined monthly income totals at least 3x the monthly rent.
– You will need to provide 3 years of accurate landlord references (note: per FACTA Identity Theft regulations, we report false landlord references to credit bureaus and local law authorities).
– If you have pets, a digital photo of you with your pet(s) must be submitted. You may send photos to or upload them during your application.

What Would Cause an Automatic Decline?

There are several things we take into account when processing applications. While circumstances may vary, here are some things that may disqualify someone from being approved.

– If we find evictions, unpaid balances due to landlords, a credit score beneath 550,
insufficient income, unsatisfactory references, felonies, and/or recent bankruptcies.
– Unqualified occupants, pets, and/or vehicles can also be a reason for denial.

If My Credit Is Not Perfect, Can I Still Be Approved?

Clients with good credit, income, and references will be approved at the security deposit amount published in the listing. Those with less than perfect credit may still be approved – ask us how!

Housing Access Program Charges – Credit Score-Based

To ensure that those with less-than-ideal credit scores can still lease a property, approval can be offered through our Housing Access Program, which charges a nominal amount based on applicants’ credit scores and the rent price.

Average Credit Score (all Adults) & Housing Access Program charge
620 – 659 = 3.0% mgt. fee + Surety Bond covering 6 months rent (income must be 3.5X the monthly rent)
600 – 619 = 3.5% mgt. fee + Surety Bond covering 6 months rent (income must be 4X the monthly rent)
550 – 599 = 4.0% mgt. fee + Surety Bond covering 6 months rent (income must be 4.5X the monthly rent)
300 – 549 = Decline

What If There Are Multiple Applications on the Same Property?
We will process all applications for consideration as to what we (in our sole discretion) deem the best applicant, which may not be the first application received. In such cases, more than one applicant may be approvable, however, only one will eventually be approved. We follow up with all approved applicants until a lease is signed and funded.

Is the Application Fee Refundable?
In order to evaluate the various applications it is necessary for Real Property Management Express to incur costs in time and money for credit, criminal reports, and other administrative expenses. Therefore, it is our policy that the application fee is NON-refundable. If your application is approvable, but not the approved one for the property for which you are applying, you may consider applying for other available properties that we may have without being asked to pay an additional application fee.

Once approved, you will be contacted regarding your move-in costs. All initial funds must be in the form of a cashier’s check, money order, or online payment as we do not accept personal checks or cash. Move-in costs may include:

1. Rent.
2. Security Deposit (see property listing for details).
3. Documentation Preparation Fee ($200) – pays the leasing specialist to negotiate and for legal review.
4. Management Fee (1.5% of rent) – covers the management overhead and banking fees of monthly rent processing and processing renter insurance claims as needed.
5. Non-refundable Pet Service Fee ($480) and Pet Rent ($45 per month) per pet.

How Do I Secure a Rental?

1. Sign your lease.
2. Pay the balance owed.
3. (If Conditionally Approved) Get Approved for Surety Bond Coverage.

Please Note:
We will continue to accept and process all applications on a property until these items are completed.

If there is anything that we can help with or if you have questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.