How do I set up Utilities and send account numbers to Real Property Management Express?



Xcel Energy‎ (Minnehaha County Residents)
Phone: 800.895.4999

Southeastern Electrical Coop (Lincoln County Residents)
Phone: 605.648.3619
Toll Free: 800.333.2859

Sioux Valley Energy (Brandon City Residents)
Phone: 800.234.1960


Mid-American Energy (Minnehaha County Residents)
Phone: 888-427-5632

Northwestern (Lincoln County Residents)
(800) 245-6977


Sioux Falls Utility Billing
Phone: 605.367.8131

Lincoln County Rural Water
Phone: 605.767.2966

Below are some available options for the following services. Other options may be available and you are not required to use the ones on this list.

Home Services

Midcontinent Communications‎

Dish Network
For special Real Property Management Express discounts Use Business ID 02844197

For special Real Property Management Express discounts Use Business ID 02844197

Garbage Services

Ace Garbage Service
Phone: 605.334.4223

A-OK Sanitary Services
Phone: 605.331.1103

Sioux Falls Sanitation
Phone: 605.338.8055

Waste Management
Phone: 605.338.6611

Novak Sanitary Service
Phone: 605.338.7126
Toll Free: 888.866.2651
(1 FREE month for Real Property Management Express Residents)


Water, sewer, and trash services are handled by a number of different vendors depending on the specific location of the property. If your lease agreement states that you are responsible for Water/Sewer/Trash or any portion of these bills, you may receive the bill through Real Property Management Express (unless otherwise stated in your lease). If you are unsure of who your service provider is, whether you can hold the account in your name, or if you should be paying Real Property Management Express for water, sewer, and trash services, please consult our office.

If there is anything that we can help with or if you have questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.