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Real Property Management Installs Free Smoke Alarms

Josh Kattenberg and Derek Kattenberg, the owners of Real Property Management, Dan Soper, the Maintenance Coordinator,  and more than 100 volunteers worked with the American Red Cross and the Sioux Falls Fire Department to install smoke alarms for residents in the Whittier Neighborhood to prevent fire related deaths. This neighborhood was devastated by a fire related death in August 2013. 62% of house fire deaths are caused by not having a working smoke alarm. In the video, Josh is speaking with a resident who does not have a working smoke alarm. He also offered a free blood pressure check to those residents who wanted one.

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Put 25 years of property management to work for you. Boost Revenue, Efficiency and Stability 

Real Property Management offers a turnkey, full-service property management system for your single-family rentals and complexes, wherever they may be. Our responsive team of highly trained specialists are prepared to meet the extensive demands of successful property management—24 hours a day.

  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Improve cash flow. 
  • Minimize inefficiencies. 
  • Create long term stability. 
  • Maximize rental revenue. 
  • Stay 100% informed on properties 24/7 

Like other investments, real estate should be professionally managed to yield the greatest return.


Responsive Coverage 24/7

  • Local experience - ensures firsthand property knowledge, licensing, and insurance combined with expertise on area rental rates.
  • Vacancy rates - decrease by attracting the right tenants quickly with our vast national advertising network. 
  • Strict screening methods - place quality tenants, check credit/criminal background, and verify employment and rental history. 
  • Streamlined rent collections - and evictions processed in compliance with all regulatory agencies. Ask about our Eviction Protection Program. 
  • Cost-effective, reliable maintenance - minimizes expenses through national preferred vendors. 
  • Regular property assessments, - both inside and out, ensure tenant compliance and assess property condition. 
  • Management of tenant emergencies - and requests limit expenses and liability, keep residents happy, and lower turnover. 
  • Rigorously-trained staff - ensure professionalism, consistency, and reliability—and the best possible care of your home.


Improved cash flow, reliability and peace of mind.

Real Property Management is the trusted leader in reliable management of single-family and small multi-family residences. With over 25 year of experience, local expertise, and a highly-trained, responsive team, Real Property Management manages tens of thousands of properties for individuals, investors, and institutions throughout the country.

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