Josh Kattenberg

Owner/CEO • VP of Marketing & Accounting

The Grind:

“Josh comes up with 20 new ideas every day and somehow finds a way to execute on half of them.”

As CEO, Josh is responsible for leading the entire team by setting the company objectives, evaluating strategic opportunities, and guiding the leadership to success. He is the thought leader and visionary behind the company, and he is responsible for finance & high-level accounting. And at the end of the day, “The Buck Stops Here.” His day-to-day duties include meeting with investors, overseeing financial concerns, and serving as the responsible broker for the company. Josh also authored Rental Property Success.

Personal Delight:

Josh enjoys playing racquetball in the winter and rock climbing at the Palisades or the Needles in the Black Hills in the summer. He recently took up a new hobby: flying a powered paraglider.

We understand property management and property investments. With over thirty years’ experience in property management and more than 300 offices in the United States and Canada, we have become the largest property management franchise in North America.