Are you the Road Runner or the Coyote?

When it comes to Sioux Falls property managers, there are two types: the Road runner, and the coyote.

Just like in the old Looney Tunes cartoons, the road runner is always one step ahead— constantly outsmarting the coyote. While the coyote spends hours coming up with elaborate schemes to finally catch the bird, they usually back fire and leave him squished, knocked out, falling of a canyon or with some other form of punishment. While the failures of the coyote in the cartoons may be comical, the failures of the coyote-esque Sioux Falls property managers are not.

A coyote property manager is one to whom property maintenance is no big deal. The coyote will get there when he gets there, and when he does will use elaborate schemes like cheap materials, discounted labor, temporary “fixes” to make the problem disappear temporarily. But, just like in the cartoon, these “fixes” will often backfire and end up costing more money out of pocket in the long run. These extra expenses can add up quick leaving the coyote property manager feeling squished, knocked out, or beaten to a pulp.

Then there is the roadrunner. The road-runner property manager is clever, always looking to outsmart the pitfalls that may stand in the way of being successful. This type of property manager is proactive when it comes to maintenance, and gets things repaired in a timely manner before things get worse. The road runner performs regular inspections of the property, both inside and out, responds to maintenance requests from the tenants, and therefore ends up saving money long term.

If you tend to fall into the coyote type of Sioux Falls property managers, there is hope for you to not be kept down. If maintaining your property constantly feels like an overwhelming task, delegate your responsibilities to the experts at Real Property Management in Sioux Falls. We can help turn your maintenance costs around and help be more proactive about repairs. The coyote property manager who pairs with our team of road runners, really does win in the end.