Sioux Falls Businesses and Churches Help Those in Need Long After the Ice Storm of 2013

By Josh Kattenberg

gerald teunissen croppedDuring the ice storm in the spring of 2013, large tree branches came crashing down causing damage to homes, cars, and power lines. Some residents went without power for a week. For one home owner, the downed power lines caused a house fire and ruined the electric system. The owner did not have home owner’s insurance or the money to fix their home and turned to the Sioux Falls Help Line Center for assistance during the crisis. Gerald Teunissen, former owner of American Electric, and Jay Van Voorst, the current owner of American Electric, volunteered to fix or replace the electric system in the home. However, in order to do so, all the sheet rock had to come out of the home and then be replaced, so this turned into a major remodel project. In addition, the roof of the home was damaged and needed to be replaced. The Deacons from the 1st Christian Reformed Church stepped up to provide the labor for the remodel. These volunteers were recognized by the City of Sioux Falls and the Help Line Center for their hands on support of our community and their neighbors.Jay VanVoorst