Why Do Sioux Falls Property Management Companies Collect Rent Online?

property management in Sioux Falls and online rent collection.

If you are in the business of property management in Sioux Falls, you could benefit from online rent collection. Not only is this process easier for tenants, but it could save you time and hassle in your collection process.

Streamline Your Rent Collection Process

By encouraging your tenants to pay their rent online, you can avoid the hassle of collecting rent in person. Many property managers who offer this option to their tenants find that rent is late less often, as it is the consumer preference to pay bills online. This service also allows you to track the history of payments from your tenants and have real-time access to the status of your payments. Some tenants even say that the if the ability to pay rent online is not offered, it is a deal breaker in the lease signing process.

Real Property Management Sioux Falls Residents Club

Our property management company encourages all rental property owners to accept online payments for their rent. We offer each tenant a personalized online tenant portal where they can pay rent online, and if the payment is made on time they are then able to register for our residents club. As a member, the tenant will then be able to save money on many local restaurants, stores and entertainment as a bonus for paying online on time. Not only does this service benefit the tenant by saving them hundreds of dollars every month, it also ensures you receive your rent money on time and in an efficient manner.

Real Property Management tenants love being a part of the club, as it essentially equates to a rent decrease, and more money in their pockets. By offering tenants the ability to pay their rent online, you get a happier tenant who may choose to reside longer at your property, and you get your rent on time without all the hassle. Our Resident’s Club is just another way we are helping ease the stress of being a landlord.

Real Property Management employs some of Sioux Fall’s finest property managers who are all well versed in the many different aspects of property management. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of services to rental property owners as a way of easing the headache associated with being a landlord. Contact us for all your property management needs!